So there has been a lot going on!

This past year was quite amazing in a lot of ways. Theres the elephant in the room being Covid and all that went with that. As well as two weeks before the Covid 19 really hit here in March i broke my wrist on one hand and dislocated a finger on the other hand. So … [Read more…]

So many albums so little times

So in the last couple months there has been a slew of new albums coming my way to master. Its been a great time, i still love it so much. A few of the artists in the last couple months I have worked with are : Isabeau Walker, The Goods, Rachel Baiman, Kory Quinn, The … [Read more…]

Martha Scanlan tour, Five Letter Word, Daystar….

Hey yall, So i’m getting ready for some (I’m guessing) cold weather touring next week with my best buddy Martha Scanlan. We will be in Minnesota(Friday in Duluth, and Saturday and Sunday in Minneapolis) and it’d be fantastic to see you! We will be playing songs from Martha’s new album The river and the light. … [Read more…]

New albums, random events…

So i recently got to work with a few very diverse styles and its been real fun! A great band called Five Letter Word, i got to master their record which comes out in January(also mastered one of the gals in the band Clara Baker’s record recently as well), and mastered the first single off … [Read more…]

Sisters Folk Festival

Hey yall, So its been a busy summer playing a lot of gigs with Jackstraw last month and more gigs this month with Martha Scanlan as well as playing with Kristin Andreassen. So much fun! Mastering has really taken off too, i’ve been very busy on that front as well. So just thought i’d let … [Read more…]