Martha Scanlan tour, Five Letter Word, Daystar….

Hey yall,

So i’m getting ready for some (I’m guessing) cold weather touring next week with my best buddy Martha Scanlan. We will be in Minnesota(Friday in Duluth, and Saturday and Sunday in Minneapolis) and it’d be fantastic to see you! We will be playing songs from Martha’s new album The river and the light. If you haven’t checked it out yet please do!

Five Letter Word just released a record last week and i had the pleasure of not only mastering the record but being able to go to the album release show at Mississippi Studios last week. What a blast to actually go see what you have been listening to intently and intensely for some time. Give the album a listen when you get a chance!

Daystar is a band i have recently worked with on a single a while back and have finished mastering their record and cant wait for y’all to hear it. Really cool stuff.

Talk to you all soon…. Jon