Martha Scanlan, Taylor Kingman, Anna Tivel , Moorea masa… 2018!!!

Ok so theres quite a bit going on lately. First of all this weekend I will start working on a new record with Martha Scanlan. I’ll also be playing shows with Taylor Kingman(Mississippi Studios 1/15), Anna Tivel(Laurelthirst 1/23), and Moorea Masa(Mississippi Studios 1/29) as well as my regular gigs with The Kung Pao Chickens on Mondays at the Laurelthirst and Tuesdays with Jackstraw at the Laurelthirst. I also recently played guitar and sang on my buddy and Jackstraw mate Darrin Craig for his upcoming album. Ive got a quite a few records as well on deck to master next month. Speaking of mastering,  my Dad just happens to be a master carpenter and is building me a custom mastering desk to be delivered by he and my mom in April. Im oh so lucky in this life. Oh yeah and the Space Album that  Annalisa Tornfelt and I have been working on for the last three years is ready to be mastered. I’ve been writting a few new tunes myself lately and will post those soon. Thats all for now….