Producing,Mastering,Touring, Oh my!

Hey folks, So its been a while…but I’ve been busy! Just got a mastering setup going and putting the finishing touches on a new release by the Eyelids. Awesome record, you have to get it when it comes out. Also the project I produced last year of all Woody Guthrie songs about the pacific northwest … [Read more…]

Mixing and mastering… touring

Starting to do a bit more of this part of the creative process as of late. ¬†Really enjoying mixing and mastering others records as well as my own work. Just got done mastering a irish album for Brenda Scearcy, as well as recording,mixing and mastering a track for Pete Krebs and The Portland Playboys. The … [Read more…]

Hello you its me

I now have a place to land ¬†and share a few of my passions with you. I’ve been playing in different bands for a long time now, producing records for a bit now, and am into painting as well. Have a look around, hope you enjoy….