Sisters Folk Festival

Hey yall,

So its been a busy summer playing a lot of gigs with Jackstraw last month and more gigs this month with Martha Scanlan as well as playing with Kristin Andreassen. So much fun! Mastering has really taken off too, i’ve been very busy on that front as well. So just thought i’d let you all know ill be at the Sisters Folk Festival this weekend(as long as i don’t get stopped by the fires!) playing multiple sets with Martha Scanlan  and Kristin Andreassen(separately). Come find me there if you like. Should be fun! Also Im doing a house concert on Monday September 11th at Abbie Weisenbloom’s with Kristin Andreassen and Shane Leonard(who is also gonna be playing with Kristin at Sisters Folk Festival). And theres a house concert in Fort Collins,CO on September 23 i’ll be doing with Martha Scanlan. Thats all for now.